Moans & Cuddles episode 13: Sexual turnoffs

In our bid to be intimate with our partners there are things that we do that determine whether or not it will be successful.

Many things we do turn each other off making it difficult for us to reach the sexual pleasure we so desire.

Unlike what we see in romantic movies and read in dreamy novels, sex is not always pleasurable and orgasmic for women. Not everyone moans, whimpers or smugly smiles at the end of the session. In fact, there are times when a partner feels dissatisfied after making love and the other partner might have no idea about it

Nowadays, one can find tons of info on what guys and girls can do to make sex unforgettable, but no one knows for sure what mistakes they should avoid.

What are some of these sexual turn-offs?

Moans and Cuddle guests took their time to expatiate on what turn off are and how they end up creating problems in the relationship.

Enjoy the full episode below:

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