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Ghana and the IMF: debt restructuring must go hand-in-hand with managing finances better

Source: The Conversation  Ghana is struggling with managing its debt, 20-year high inflation, a weak currency, and rising inequality. For example, inflation rose to 33.9% in August 2022 from 9.7% a year earlier, while the cedi has depreciated by 41% year-to-date against the US dollar. These vulnerabilities have been worsened by the aftershocks of the ongoing […]


College of Physicians and Surgeons to undertake fellowship training programs in regional hospitals

Source: Raphael Ghartey/ The Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons (GhCoPS) has announced that beginning next year, fellowship training programs for postgraduate doctors will be carried out in regional hospitals across the country. According to the Rector of the College, Professor Richard Adanu, the College has signed a memorandum of understanding […]

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It’s regular to witness young people with their heads buried in phones, jumping from one social media platform to the other. In search for fun activities or trends to hop on from TikTok to Instagram, then Facebook, to WhatsApp among others. Most often, these people get overwhelmed by online activities, […]