The Independence Of Ghana Is A Useless Illusion Unless It Is Tied To The Acceptance, Adoption, And Reinstitution Of Our Heritage.

The farce of our independence is fast becoming a comedy, but even worse, a tragedy. We are still running a neocolonial system created for the benefit of detractors. This starts right from our constitution, which has disenfranchised our heritage, culture, and people. It’s almost as if our traditional chiefs and people are a nuisance and inconvenience, but in reality, they are the essence and raison d’etre of our reality and existence. We are running a fake system that fulfills the needs and requirements of foreigners rather than our people.

Our current institutions, from education and training, law and justice, health and medicine, governance, and leadership are all false. Even our Lingua Franca, English is foreign. Who the hell are we? Why is our National Anthem in English? Our National Pledge is in English and does not speak to the hearts of our people. Our English schooled leaders and elite have subsumed our heritage and cultural leadership but without the social and community responsibility towards our people.

All our traditional systems have been disempowered, and yet we sit down and take and accept this fake status quo as if it inevitable. We are a poor country and people who finance and sustain the rich economies of the world. Contrasting the aid we receive from them to the profits they take away shows clearly that we are being conned, and yet we applaud and are grateful to these fraudsters.

When you examine the financial setup of France with their ‘colonies’ in which they retain well over 60 % of the export proceeds from the colonies, and even lend back some of these monies at exorbitant interest rates, then you begin to get an understanding of the fraudulence that the international community and institutions are perpetrating on us, our people and our resources.

Our independence is a total sham if it does not reinstate our traditional culture and heritage as the guiding principles of our countries and governance. Our Kings, Chiefs, Elders, and People have to take back their legitimate mantle of leadership, responsibility, and rulership of our nations. We are nothing without our heritage.

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