Rest In Peace Efo Klevor-By Ben Dotsei Malor.

Source:Ben Dotsei Malor

The family of Dr. Klevor Abo announced his passing to glory this week in Chicago, Illinois, after a short illness. He was 68.
Dr. Klevor Abo was a music lecturer based in Chicago, USA, where he taught as an adjunct professor of Africana Studies and Social Sciences at City Colleges of Chicago.

He earned a BA in Music and English in 1976, trained as a baritone, under Henrietta Carter and lyric operatic soprano, specializing in Africanist Art Songs for voice and piano and worked as a Graduate Research Assistant (1977 – 1980) with Professor J. H. Kwabena Nketia at the world famous Institute of African Studies in the University of Ghana’s music department .

Dr Abo was a Lecturer at University of Namibia’s Department of Music (1991 – 94). In 1994. He became head of department of African Music FUBA (Federated Union of African Arts) and worked at The Musics of Africa and West African Drumming, FUNDA Institute in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa till 1996.
He also taught in the Departments of Ethnic Studies and Popular Culture at Bowling Green State University, and also at the Africana Studies Program, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois.

Our prayers and sympathy go to the bereaved families home and abroad!

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