Why wife refused to report ‘killer’ husband to police after death threats explained

Source: Atinka Online

A friend of late Barbara Tommey has said that the deceased explained to him that her husband, Sylvester Ofori did not have citizenship at the time he threatened to kill her and therefore did not want to report him despite the threats.

According to Barbara’s friend, Dr Bernard Tayler in a post on social media, he told Barbara on Monday evening to report Sylvester to the Police for a “Court restraining order” against him after he choked her a day prior, adding that, “If not for the intervention from her brother, she was gonna die on that day, also with so many death threats from him.”

Barbara who was scared of the deportation of her husband refused to report him, with the explanation that,”Papa he doesn’t have his citizenship yet; hence I do not want to hurt him; they may revoke it.”

Barbara Tommey was shot and killed Tuesday morning outside an Orlando credit union, and her husband is in custody, police said.

The fatal shooting was reported at the Navy Federal Credit Union on Garden Parks Boulevard, west of John Young Parkway and north of the Mall at Millenia.

Orlando police said 27-year-old Barbara Tommey, who worked at the credit union, was shot by her husband Sylvester Ofori.

Police said a search warrant was served at the suspect’s apartment and Ofori was taken into custody.

After her death, a video circulating on social media reveals that Ofori threatened to kill Barbara after Barbara’s brother went physical on him to prevent him from doing more harm to Barbara.

In the video which Barbara’s brother was seen calling Ofori a fake pastor, Ofori replied,” If i don’t kill your sister I’m fake”.

Below is a post by Barbara’s friend:

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