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3 conversations about sex you need to have with your partner


There are a number of conversations around sex you need to have with your partner so that even before you do the act, you’re both on the same page. Here are some of them.

Do’s and Don’ts

It’s really important that you know the lines your partner wouldn’t cross and vice versa. It needs to be clear so you know what you’re getting into and if that is considered as a deal breaker, that party can leave. Yes, the relationship isn’t all about sex but if one party isn’t enjoying that aspect, it will cause a strain on the relationship.


You’re both not kids. It’s not time to play around and assume your partner will automatically know that you like being touched at certain places. They may use knowledge from previous partners on you but no 2 people are the same, which is why you need to be forthcoming about the things you want to be done to your body in the bedroom.


Are you ready to let your partner know about those naughty thoughts that run through your mind? The things you want to try but you haven’t worked up the nerve to tell anyone about? If you are scared of letting your partner know and you would rather keep quiet about it then you really need to examine your relationship.

Having chats like this help you know what your partner wants to try and you can make preparations for it to happen. Remember to keep an open mind when talking about things like this so that your partner will feel free enough to tell you what’s going on in their minds.

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