Talented sports presenter Dominic Fobih gets scholarship


The Board of Directors for Vine Christian High School, Accra, has awarded the wonder kid, Dominic Fobih, a full scholarship to continue his education.

Principal of the East Legon-based school, Joshua Tsatro Mordy, said that “we want to give him the best, we want to put him in a system that can make him develop his talent so that such brilliant ‘chaps’ won’t be lost.”

Speaking on Angel FM’s morning show, the principal told host Captain Smart that, “once we determine the class level he [Dominic Fobih] can fairly be in, based on our structure, the offer takes off from there.”

Mr. Mordy expressed concerns that talented children are being lost due to the inability of the Ghanaian educational system to cater for them.

According to him, learning is changing hence, the need to adopt an educational research approach that can be practically used to enhance the capabilities of children.

Mr. Mordy further said that Dominic’s knowledge and fluency in the local language, Twi, is enough to build a structure for him to fit into the English Language.

He revealed that the wonder kid, Dominic, falls under a category of ‘audio and visual learners’; and their school system [Vine Christian High] is modelled around the knowledge-led content which can accommodate him.

He stated that there are children like Dominic whose style and talent have been killed due to the system they find themselves in.

“Our [Ghanaian] school system is designed in such a way that attention is not being paid to the gifts of children,” he reiterated.

Watch the presentation skills of Dominic Fobih in the video below:

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Posted by Angel Sports live on Friday, July 17, 2020

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