Medical Consultants “furious,” accuse “top politicians” of toying with COVID – Bright Simons

A Vice President of IMANI Africa Bright Simons says Senior Ghanaian medical consultants are “furious with top politicians for ‘toying’ with COVID by promoting mass gatherings.”

IMANI has been in the lead campaigning against the ongoing voter registration exercise because of its potential threat to spread COVID-19, while the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has been widely condemned for the manner in which it organized recent parliamentary primaries.

Government and key political actors have turned deaf ears to calls for such kind of exercises to be reconsidered because of the potential threat they posed.

Bright Simons in his tweets claims “furious” senior Ghanaian medical consultants tell him the key promoters of these condemned gatherings leave in constant fear of the virus and constantly call them “even when they miss a bowel movement whimpering about fears of infection.”

The IMANI Vice President says the furious medical consultants have “vowed not to ‘go the extra mile’ for any politician, especially now that borders are shut and few ‘can escape.’”

Bright Simons says the consultants are threatening ‘not to push extra’ for the politicians if  they “don’t start showing seriousness about fighting this pandemic.”

Source: Sena Nombo/                          

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