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Abena Asantewaa Krobea Agyeman-Bugyei Kick Off #50 Celebrations With Gratitude For Grace And Mercies

Filled with gratitude, Abena Asantewaa Krobea Agyeman-Bugyei, her family, and friends attended the Presbyterian Church, Redemption Congregation, Chicago, to express her thanks to the Almighty Lord , for the grace and mercies that guided her through the past 50 years.

Her heartfelt appreciation extended to her family and friends for their unwavering support.
In a remarkable feat, Abena has etched her name in history as the first in Chicago to give out a special birthday cloth with 50th birthday boldly written all over it to over 100 family and friends. The celebrant’s gifted cloth glittered the church auditorium. Her Facebook handle is splashed with pictures specially taken to fit the occasion. She also shared her sentiments saying,” Lord, I want to dedicate this next year to you. I know it hasn’t begun yet, but I want it to have a wonderful start. Let your will be done, not mine. Nana Abena Asantewaa Krobea Agyeman-Bugyei”.

May Jehovah God surround and shield her with favor. May He make her path straight and perfect her steps. May His mercy locate her and turn to glory all the days of her life. Abena, may your head be lifted up with countless victories. Happy 50th Birthday. More spectacular pictures and video later.

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  1. Dr. Mrs Frances Betty Fraikue

    I am happy you enjoyed your day