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SONA 2023: Nana Addo’s address made a mockery of Ghana’s economic woes — Dr. Sam Ankrah

Dr. Sam Ankrah

An International investment banker, Dr. Samuel Ankrah has stated that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s 2023 State of the Nation Address demonstrated he was completely out of touch with Ghana’s economic reality.

Nana Addo delivered the State of the Nation Address on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, on the floor of parliament where he addressed chiefly the economic challenges that have afflicted the country post-COVID-19.

Nana Addo rallied Ghanaians to believe in themselves and their capacity to overcome the current economic problems bedeviling the country.

He said when dark clouds created shadows that momentarily shielded yearned-for vision, they should not be moments of despair, adding: “Such moments call for the strength of character, a sense of purpose and an abiding commitment to the general good.”

However, his address has been described by some Ghanaians as falsehood and laughable.

Dr. Ankrah who is lacing his boot to contest the 2024 presidential seat as an independent aspirant, adding his voice to the address said the government made a “mockery of our bitter and bleak economic circumstances by gaslighting Ghanaians to accept the illusion that, our lives and livelihoods are far better off – in direct opposition to the harsh realities we wake up to every day.”

In a statement, he said Ghanaians will be subjected to a free-for-all drinking bar-styled parliamentary banter, which amounts to no change at all in the woeful plight of Ghanaians.

He stated that the healthcare systems would remain chronically impaired, children’s education and future would remain uncertain, and the youth’s unemployment status will be more depressing year after year.

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