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GNC Press Release On The Upcoming Ghana’s Independence Celebrations in Chicago

The vibrant Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago has released details of Ghana’s Independence celebrations in Chicago on March 11, 2023. The event is scheduled to take place at the Crystal Grand Banquet , 12416 S. Archer Avenue, Lemont Illinois.

The press release is reproduced below in its entirety:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago Celebrates 66 Years of Independence in Chicagoland on March 11th, 2023

Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago Celebrates 66 Years of Independence in Chicagoland on March 11th 

Ghana Independence Celebration to Benefit Free Ghanaian Community Health Clinic After Week-Long Celebration 

(Chicago, IL, February 10th – Ghana National Council (GNC) of Metropolitan Chicago and its Affiliates are set to celebrate the 66th anniversary of Ghana’s Independence from the British Empire on March 11th, at Crystal Grand Banquet 12416 Archer Avenue, Lemont, IL, USA from 7:00 PM until 1:30 AM.

Under a newly sworn-in administration, Ghana is Better United Than Divided themed event will donate all proceeds to the Ghanaian Community Health Clinic. The Ghanaian Community Health Clinic (GCHC) is a volunteer-based health center on Chicago’s southside that provides the community access to comprehensive, high-quality health care free of charge. Their model is unique because they include members across various disciplines in health care; including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and social services. Their mission is to serve people without essential health care and provide preventative management. Their vision is quality, evidence-based health care for all.

GCHC provides medication delivery services with HomeRx Pharmacy, lab,  diagnostic services with Medical Assay/Complete Diagnostic Center, and insurance benefit enrolled assistance. 

Health care providers provide consultations for medication management, weight-loss/nutritional counseling, women’s health services, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol screening/management, travel medicine consultation, and counseling. Their specialists include pediatrics, urology, endocrinology, and respiratory therapy.

To help celebrate the week, the Council has planned a week of celebration with the public: 

Saturday, March 4th: Ghanaian Community Health Clinic  (open to the public)

Sunday, March 5th: Grateful Sunday- encouraging statements, music, & joyous events 

Monday, March 6th: Happy 66th Ghana Independence Day! Wave your flags, tell your 

friends, & celebrate Ghana         

Tuesday, March 7th: Tasty Tuesday post your favorite Ghanaian Dish

Wednesday, March 8th: “Wear Ghana” post/wear your favorite Ghanaian outfit/designer

Thursday, March 9th: Tour Ghana; virtual tour exploring Ghana via GNC’s social media

Friday, March 10th: Favorite Ghana Dance Move-post your favorite dances/groups 

Saturday, March 11th: GNC’s 66th Ghana Independence Dinner Dance “Better United than


The week-long celebration will conclude with a red carpet, a 4-course dinner with an open bar, and a raffle for two CNA Certification programs sponsored by KAM Institute of Technology and Healthcare. The high life of the night will include a ceremony award for the Excellence to Humanity Award presented to Dr. Jamilah Okoe, the Community Development of Excellence Award presented to Dr. Chris Chalokwu, the Pioneer of Excellence Award: Mr. Paa Kwasi Sam and the Community Support of Excellence Award presented to Nana Marfo.

The anticipated event will be followed by a thanksgiving church service Sunday, March 19th, at the Church of Pentecost located at 8600 S Kilpatrick, Chicago, IL at 12:30 PM. 

Tickets can be purchased at

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