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Sankofa: Ewe Community in Chicago blasts away 2017 with a mega party .

……..”.Eii…… Ayigbefuo ne ye Party saa ?”….. A group of attendees were heard asking in awe!

December 30 2017 Burbank Illinois! The Xmas and new year season bring with it unparalleled celebrations across the globe! The birthday of Christ, with its religious connotations not only to Christians but to other religions and the joy of living to the end of the year despite the many trials and tribulations, creates a perfect storm for memorable celebrations! This year like many others before, the Ewe Association’s annual end-of-year dinner dance seems to have the weather working against it! After an all-day and night snowfall starting from Friday, December 29, temperatures on Saturday were deep low! Commuting was treacherous! The organizers become agitated with the fear of low attendance! The President of the Ewe Association, Steve Dei, was on edge, calling and asking for people’s opinions about the weather and its possible effect on attendance! But a community that is used to the superb organizational skills, and proven results over the years by the Ew,e Association organizational skills were not perturbed. They would in no way going to miss out on the once-in-a-year bash!

They came in their numbers, ready to celebrate and ready to dance. ! The elegant Crystal Ballroom, 8400 S. Cicero Ave. Burbank Illinois was filled to capacity! Exigent arrangements had to be made to accommodate the extra attendees!

The president of the Ghanaian community, Paa Kwasi Sam, was there with the First Lady of the community, Theresa Sam. The President was wowed by what was unfolding before him…. One of the best-organized party’s in Chicago! In a short remark, President Sam promised the audience that the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago would organize an end-of-year party on behalf of all Associations the following year! A great proposal but the popularity of the end-of-year parties by the various affiliate organizations means the council has a herculean task of convincing the affiliates to give up theirs!

The emcees , Steve Dei and Jacquelyn Owusuaa Adjaley , were superb! DJ Odikro was the toast of the audience! His selections were perfect to the taste of revelers as they danced all night long! The free bar and many course meals were an excellent arrangement for a gate fee of $50.00 per head.

It must be noted that this year’s dinner dance was par excellent! Some of the attendees were already planning to attend next year’s event by asking for the date!

As the other Associations catch up, we hope Chicago would be the place to spend your annual Xmas and New Year in the future!

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