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Kpedze Polyclinic receives medical support, appeals for infrastructure, and Human Resources

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By Seraphine Nyuiemedi

One Volta Group, a Union of Voltarians living in the diaspora has donated assorted medical supplies to the management of the Kpedze Polyclinic in the Ho West District of the Volta Region to enhance health care delivery at the facility.

Though the Polyclinic is the major health facility in the District it lacks adequate human resources and infrastructure which have been a bane to quality healthcare services to numerous patients in the district. The items worth thousands of cedis include dental hygiene equipment, bed linens, syringes, disposable needles, vitamins and minerals, antiseptics, bandages, wound-care kits, examination gloves, birth kits, eyeglasses, sunglasses, and personal hygiene items.

Presenting the items, a representative of the One Volta Group, WO1 retired, Dominic Gemegah said the aim of the group is to identify the needs of the Volta Region especially, in the sectors of education and health to provide assistance.

The Senior Medical Officer in charge of the facility, Dr. Emmanuel Apanga expressed gratitude for the gesture and appealed to the government to provide the facility with resources to befit its Polyclinic status. He said the facility is in dire need of infrastructure development to serve residents in the catchment area.

“Human resource, we don’t have a full complement of that, logistics and infrastructure such as an emergency unit, theatre, hospital beds, and staff accommodation. The roof leakage of the entire building of the facility needs urgent assistance because staff and patients are left at the mercy of the weather during the rainy season” he said. The Kpedze Polyclinic built in the 1970s records an average of between 20 to 40 Out-Patient (OPD) attendees daily.


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