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Scatter Charcoal Throughout Your Home And Watch What Happens Overnight

Reports of a strange trend have been making waves in certain online circles with a reported million Americans taking part.

Millions of Americans have started to scatter charcoal throughout their homes.

However, if it were just that, then this trend would not have made so many waves.

At the center of this trend is a special kind of charcoal.

There’s a specific kind of activated bamboo charcoal that has been seemingly breathing new life into homes.

The specially formulated charcoal has three unique properties that people are taking advantage of.

  1. It attracts and draws in airborne particulates like dust, allergens, mold spores, moisture, and smells.
  2. The tiny structure of the charcoal is like a net, so anything that gets sucked in is trapped.
  3. The charcoal has a natural ability to clean the air by passive filtering.

So what’s with this new life hack of “scattering charcoal throughout your house”?

Well here’s the thing, it’s not new at all!

This practice is actually one that can trace its roots hundreds of years ago. Buddhist monks would scatter activated bamboo charcoal around their monasteries to cleanse the air around them and get rid of any impurities and toxins floating around.

This practice is said to be a big reason why the average lifespan of monks was so much higher than the average person. But this practice died out.


Because the conditions required to create the special activated bamboo charcoal that monks used became rare and hard to get.

It’s never really been available for the masses until recently.

A company by the name of NatureFresh has managed to create a viable method to create the specially formulated activated bamboo charcoal at larger scales.

Each NatureFresh Air Purifying Bag contains enough activated bamboo charcoal to cleanse the air of any room up to 90 sqft and it lasts for 2 years.

It’s so simple to use, all you have to do is place a NatureFresh bag in the desired area, and you’ll start to notice a big difference in the air you breathe within 12 hours.

Using their “Cleancast Binchotan” method for the first time, NatureFresh is able to mimic the exact conditions required to create this ancient activated bamboo charcoal.

Since they’ve gone public with their product, millions of others have gotten in on the trend.

Thanks to their surging popularity, many Americans have discovered new ways to use it, declaring it the best life hack of 2022.

Here are just a few ways people are turning the NatureFresh bamboo activated charcoal bags into their own life hacks…

Life Hack #1: “It’s like a mouse trap for mold toxins”

Tammy S, mother of two young kids from Los Angeles, had a big mold problem in her home.

“I didn’t want my kids exposed to mold, and even after it was cleaned up, my kids were still getting headaches and coughing from the mold spores floating in the air.”

She says NatureFresh was the best hack she’d ever come across!

“I placed NatureFresh bags in my living room, the kids bedrooms, the hallway and the kitchen. After one day, I could literally notice the stale air become fresher. After 1 week, my kids stopped getting headaches and stopped coughing!”

Life Hack #2: Turn your dusty house into a fresh air paradise without lifting a finger

Long-term exposure to dust and air pollution accelerates brain aging and increases the risk of dementia even in healthy elderly people with no underlying disease.

That’s why, after 50 years, Lynda McCarthy finally decided to do something about her dusty house.

“The next morning – let me tell you — I woke up to what felt like much fresher and crisper air in the house. Most important: it helped me reduce my allergy symptoms. No sneezing, no irritated eyes… not so much as a single sniff.

When these little bamboo activated charcoal bags first arrived, I’ll admit, I stared at them in disbelief. Now, weeks later, “I thank NatureFresh every day for helping to get the stuffiness out of my house.”

Life Hack #3: Say goodbye to smelly trashcans and stinky closets

If you have offensive odors that you want to get rid of, try placing a NatureFresh bag next to the source of the odor. It has been said to work wonders on everything from smelly trashcans to stinky closets to even clearing out a room filled with cigarette smoke.

“So I bought NatureFresh, and I started with his closet. I dropped off a few bags there, and then I made sure to keep some in his underwear and socks drawers. Within days I felt like the entire apartment had cleared up. I was so happy!”

So with moisture and mold taken care of, what about dust?

When I first moved into my apartment, the landlord hadn’t done any cleaning whatsoever.

There was dust everywhere. But the carpet, in particular, was gross.

I vacuumed best I could, but there was still an awful amount of dust getting kicked up from the carpet with even the slightest wind.

Anytime I opened the window, I could see the sunlight penetrating through thick clouds of dust.

So I placed NatureFresh bags in my hallway and living room and watched.

Over the course of one week, I saw less and less dust get kicked up into the air.

And after a month, I saw nothing. I vacuumed my carpet to kick up some more dust and to suck up whatever was left, but I saw nothing.

It was miraculous! Those monks really had something going for them I tell you what!

Final Thoughts

NatureFresh is definitely the most interesting and most useful lifehack I’ve seen in a really long time.

I ended up saving more than $500 on repairs and services that I would have had to shell out money for to get rid of these problems!

I mean a decent size dehumidifier would have been something like $150.

Getting the mold cleaned off would have been like another $300.

And getting a good carpet clean would have been like another $250!

I highly recommend these crazy bamboo charcoal if you’re dealing with allergies, dust, mold, moisture, or smells!

I’ve gone ahead and bought six more bags to give to my grandparents and friends.


UPDATE Saturday, November 19, 2022 – Ever since NatureFresh was featured online, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold over 763,419 bags. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a 90 day satisfaction guarantee and are offering their 50% off discount while supplies last. To see if they are still available click the button below.



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