Comrades, I trust we are all doing great.

The bad governance exhibited by this NPP government calls for comrades to come together so we can beat this NPP government comprehensively come 2024. The rot that is taking place in Ghana now is unprecedented. The level of corruption and impunity being showcased to the globe by this Akuffo Addo administration is legendary. The good people of our motherland, Ghana, cannot afford another 4 years of this incompetent NPP administration. We must come together and work tirelessly to ensure an NDC victory come 2024 to rescue Ghanaians from this tyrant NPP administration.

Comrades, as we prepare to organize the Branch and Chapter elections, I entreat us all to run a clean campaign devoid of insults. This is an internal contest and there is not going to be any winner or loser. The NDC party will be the ultimate winner by having willing hands prepared to sacrifice their time and resources to lead our party here at both Branch and Chapter levels.

I hereby plead with all comrades especially potential aspirants to run a campaign that will not thwart the efforts the leadership is putting in place to ensure a united chapter before, during, and after the elections.

As the elections draw closer, there will be several allegations that will be thrown up in the air to cause disaffection for some comrades, pandemonium, and to gain political advantage. I will seize this opportunity to entreat all comrades that, such baseless allegations and accusations should be disregarded. Some of these baseless allegations are being orchestrated by some faceless persons to tarnish the image and reputation of some comrades for onward political advantage. The Chapter executives are committed to run free and fair elections in which the outcome will be accepted by all. I therefore, encourage all comrades to reach out to the Chapter secretariat or branch Secretary for assistance and clarifications on issues of concern.

Comrades, the NPP is our only Enemy and the superior objective ahead of us is winning the 2024 elections. We must all come together and work hard for victory 2024. The victory will not come on a silver platter but with unity, dedication, commitment, and tenancy of purpose we shall overcome all obstacles and win the 2024 elections Insha Alla.

*In the spirit of the great Akatamanso and with oneness, we declare the 2022 NDC-USA Chapter Campaign Season open. *

May the good Lord grant us strength and keep us safe. God richly bless you all and may you all have a wonderful time.

Eye Zu Eye Za!


Maame Aba Dadzie
NDC USA Chapter Chairman

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