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ECG’s Ford Ranger, 2 Toyota Land Cruiser pickups worth GH¢516k stolen in 4 years – A-G’s report

The Electricity Company of Ghana’s (ECG) Ashanti Strategic Business Unit has lost three official pickups to thieves, the 2021 report of the Auditor-General has revealed.

Paragraph 5.18(i) of ECG’s transport policy guidelines states that all accidents and incidents (theft, fire, and other disasters) involving ECG vehicles and a third-party, must be promptly reported to the police and the District Manager/Traffic Officer by the driver or person responsible for the vehicle within 12 hours.

Also, sub-paragraph (iii) states that the General Manager/Region shall constitute a committee of enquiry (COE) within five (5) days with a representative from Head Office as Chairman.

Furthermore, sub-paragraph (viii) states All Committee of Enquiries (COEs) report on Vehicle accident shall be submitted to DHR two (2) calendar months and copy the D/Material & Transport.

However, the audit team said: “Our follow up on our previous audit on stolen official vehicle (Ford Ranger pickup) with registration Number GV 19-16 disclosed that two (2) more vehicles, GW3624-18 and GN6300-18, have been snatched away from officers during the year 2020, resulting in Ashanti SBU losing a total of 3 pickups with a total value/cost of GH¢516,799.22 between June 2018 and May 2020”.

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