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Ga-Dangme Community In Chicago Celebrate Homowo.

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Chicago, August 13, 2022: It was all joy at Jackson Park as the Ga-Dangme Community Organization celebrated this year’s Homowo amidst pomp and pageantry. The celebration of Homowo in 1988 was one of the primary precipitates that led to the magnificent Ghanafest celebrations here.

Homowo is a harvest festival celebrated by the Ga people of Ghana in the Greater Accra Region. The festival starts in August. It is an annual festival commemorating the day the ancestors won victory over hunger, hooting at it and mocking it with songs and dancing.

The Ga-Dangme Community organization used the occasion to call for peace and unity of Ga-Dangme’s in the Chicago area. The event occurred at Jackson Park, East Hayes drive. A minute’s silence was observed in honor of the Ga-Dangme community organization compatriots who passed away in the past two years. Notable among them was Nii Sowa Botchway, a founding member of the organization and Ga-Dangme International, and a longtime member and moderator of the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago.

Reverend Frederick Lartey committed the event into the Lord’s hands and asked for a successful celebration.

One of the strong activities that bring spiritual presence at homowo festivals is the pouring of libation. It serves as a medium for the supplications offered to our Lord Almighty ( Ataa Naa Nyongmo) .This year’s libation was excellently performed by Mr. Richard Akuffo.

It was all grandiose as the Ga-Mantse of Chicago, Nii Amarh Akonfrah, sprinkled the kpokpoi. He was ably supported by his queen-mother, Naa Ohui Amachoe Ablade I, Mrs. Juliet Owusu, elders, and members of the organization who rallied around him amidst singing, dancing,  and merrymaking.

The President of the organization, Mr. Sonny Mills, called for unity in the organization and thanked all the attendees for participating.

In his keynote speech, an elder in the Ghanaian community and founding member of the Ga-Dangme community organization, Mr. Eddie Quartey, asked for unity and forgiveness. He stressed that disunity within Ga-Dangme, both in Ghana and abroad, has stifled development and progress in Ga communities at home and overseas. He asked all and sundry to support the new Ga Mantse in Ghana. He also urged the leadership in Chicago to reach out to members who have left the organization. Finally, he thanked the group’s current leaders for holding the fort and for the excellent job they have done so far.  

Naa Ashami Dzaami, Ms. Nora Okine, former Queen-mother of the organization, recounted the Ga people’s migration from Israel to their present-day settlement.  She noted that Ga and the Dangme, where the latter is made of the Ada, Krobo, Osuduko, Ningo, etc., and the former are the people of Accra, trace their origins from Israel through Ethiopia and Sudan. Then, they traversed Ille-Ife in Southwestern Nigeria, Benin (Dahomey), and Togo before settling in Ghana. She also stated that a powerful king, Ayi-Kushi, led them in the 17th century to settle at Okaikoi, near Nsawam, and built the Ladoku kingdom. She ended by saying, “Presently, the Ga-Dangme live in the coastal plains west of the volta river.”

The emcee for the occasion, Mrs. Elizabeth Mills, has all the pizzazz of a good emcee along with the knowledge of Ga-Dangme culture, needed for such events. She notified the revelers that the celebration of Homowo is also utilized as a passage of wisdom, family values, culture, and unity from generation to generation.

Majority of attendees were clad in the traditional Homowo red regalia. Attendance was over 200, primarily members and sympathizers of the Ga-Dangme Community Organization. Community elders present at the function were the Vice-President of the Ghana National Council, GNC, Kassim Abubakar; the President of the church of the Ghanaian Community and an Elder of the Ga-Dangme Community Organization, Evelyn Tetteh; Nana Addai Baffour, Asantefuohene of Chicago and his elders; Mr. Andrews Paddy Bortey, an elder in the Ghanaian community and the group; Frederica Buckman, former President of the organization; Mr. Effah Ameyaw, a.k.a Kakape, Publicity secretary and Sergeant-at-arms of the GNC. Others were The chief of Wogbe Dze Ke Association, Sam Anum, Nii Adjei Zoodi, Mr. Samuel Owusu, Mrs. Emma Dennis, and Clement Squire, all elders in the Ghanaian community.  

DJ Master Pee kept the crowd on their feet with great Homowo medleys, highlife, and many more.

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