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GHANA: State Capture, Landgrab, Landguardism and Media Complicity…

GHANA: State Capture, Landgrab, Landguardism and Media Complicity.
as Ghana heads to SriLanka, IMF and total collapse…

Media Capture is a function of State Capture, where gluttonous journalists and media houses paid through adverts lend themselves, their platforms and airwaves to prop up their paymasters who are responsible for the mess…

Each morning Ghanaians were subjected to propaganda from the Finance Minister on various key radio stations sponsored by his companies – DatabankandEnterpriseInsurance, as he plunged Ghana into the ditch…

These Media houses including Joy FM and Citi FM used their airwaves; their “Business News” crafted by “Databank Research” to prop up the failing economy, pretending it was robust and resilient so Ken Ofori-Atta could continue binge borrowing Ghana into deep debt distress and Databank earning commission to keep paying for the airtime so these stations can pay their workers’ Salaries, Allowances and keep afloat.

Other agents in the unfolding State Capture have also annexed other stations using similar tactics and even put some personalities onpayroll…

McDan and Clemence Gyato are the latest to highjack sections of the media, some journalists, politicians and other professionals in a symbiotic rape of Ghana, Ghanaians to save themselves from backlash from the Ada Songhor Salt and Accra Landgrab respectively…

The Ministry of Lands and the Lands Commission admit to signing on the Vigilante group, Anyok Holdings owned by a notorious Landguard Clemence Gyato, to reclaim encroached State Lands instead of using the Ghana Police Service.

McDan on the other hand is the beneficiary of an Executive Instrument signed by President Akufo Addo in November 2020 handing over the Ada Songhor Salt and Lagoon to his company, Electrochem which is being stiffly resisted by the people of Ada.

Afternoon Twi Talkshow programme have been targeted as the mercenary journalists help shape public opinion in favour of their paymasters.

Asempa FM Ekosiisen has been lending itself to the criminal activities of Clemence Gyato and Anyok Holdings which is facilitated by the Ministry of Lands and the Lands Commission.

Clemence Gyato and Anyok Holdings have been contracted to undertake Landguard Operations on behalf of Government.

Instead of the Mltimedia, the parent company of Asempa FM pursuing the irregular agreement as promised by Kojo Yankson on the Joy FM Super Morning Show when Clemence Gyato struck the same area some years back, it is allowing Asempa FM to normalise the illegality.

Lawyer Kwame Gyan who was instrumental in the drafting of the New Land Law embarrassingly embraced State Sponsored Landguardism typified the Clemence Gyato and Lands Ministry agreement, which ACT 1036 sought to outlaw.

Samuel Abu Jinapor and Benito Owusu-Bio who are both Members of Parliament must explain to Ghanaians how the Fight Against Landguardism and Vigilantism can be won as they superintendend the Land Ministry illegal Agreement with Clemence Gyato and Anyok Holdings to reclaim encroached State Lands and are paid with portions of the State Lands which is allegedly shared with some government officials.

Ghanaians must insist that all documentation on this criminal act on State Sponsored Landguardism and Vigilantism is made public by the Lands Minister and the Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission.

Ghanaians are resolved to be Citizens and not Spectators.

The Looting of State Assets including State Acquired Lands which are passed on to private persons, who a made instant millionaires while depriving the Original Land Owners in perpetuity must stop.

A Full-scale Public Enquiry into all State Acquired Lands and these criminal annexation is an imperative.

How the Government could sign an agreement with the Owoo family to handover the Achimota Forest when their claim was dismissed in a 1950 Supreme Court judgement in favour of La Stool (2/3) and Osu Stool (1/3) must be investigated…

How the Special Prosecutor is unable to tackle Sir John’s annexation of portions of the Achimota Forest, Ramsar sites and willing these lands to his family and friends FOREVER, requires the media spotlight…

How squatters can be forcibly ejected yet high profile personalities can continue occupying State Lands fraudulently allocated to them by the Lands Commission require the Media Spotlight too…

The media must examine how some State Lands can be returned to some Chiefs in trust for his Stool Subjects and be paid ground rent and guaranteed atonement of tenancy yet others are assaulted by the Military for demanding the return of their annexed Lands which have not been properly acquired…

Ghana is fast becoming a FAILED STATE, Ghana is currently under STATE CAPTURE and the MERCENARY MEDIA and Government complicity is bizarre.

We can and must make a U-TURN to save Ghana.


🎼 AriseGhana Youth for your country

God Save Our Home land Ghana.




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