NPP 2020 Parliamentary Candidate’s Serious Allegations On How The Party Shared COVID-19 Money…Eric Nkrumah

Good Morning Fellow Country Men And Women

From the recent Revelations from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) 2020 parliamentary candidate in Sagnarigu constituency in the person of Felicia Tettey on how Covid-19 money were shared to NPP constituency executives to regional executives.

Country Men And Women, let do simple computations and how much were shared as said by Felicia Tettey.

2nd vice chairmen of the regions were given Gh¢50000
Parliamentary candidate for 2020 election were given Gh¢50000
MMDCE’s were given Gh¢30000
Constituency Chairmen were given Gh¢20000
Constituency Executives were given Gh¢10000

In the NPP, they have chairman, 1st vice Chairman and 2nd vice Chairman. So they have three chairmen in each region and as a country, were have 16 regions

In Ghana, we have 275 constituency and NPP has 17 constituency executives.

We have 216 MMDCE’S.

Let proceed to computations

Let assume the main chairman, 1st vice chairmen and 2nd vice chairman were given equal amount across the country

For regional chairmen across the country 50000×3×16=Gh¢2,400,000

For each parliamentary candidate across the country

For each MMDCE’S across the country

For each constituency chairman across the country

For each constituency executives across the country excluding the chairman

Grand Total=Gh¢72,130,000 .

The question we ask is if 72 million Ghana cedis is shared to regions and constituency, then how much is shared among the national executives and the presidency?

This looting and amassing wealth by NPP government should motivate me and you as the soldiers of the NDC to unseat this NPP government.

Eric Nkrumah (ASAMANKESE)

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