New Year Message -NDC USA.

Happy New Year Comrades,

On behalf of the Chapter Executives of the NDC USA and on my own behalf,  l wish you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year.

Fellow Comrades, the year 2021 is now history but it was one that has helped us to achieve so many successes to prepare the way for a better 2022.

We had our moments of greatness as a chapter amidst some challenges, but as always, we raised above all difficulties to do our best collectively.

As we begin this New Year, let us be reminded that we have an election to win and 2022 paves the way for the ultimate NDC victory comes elections 2024 in Ghana’s general election.

We in the NDC USA will be holding or electing our branch executives and Chapter Executives, the time table for these elections shall be posted and discussed as soon as it’s available, so let us not get ahead of ourselves with conspiracy theories that do not exist, we do ourselves no good with that.

However, we first have to continue the reorganization that has started in our branches and continue to register or reregister all our members.

Let us not forget, our registration and membership drive efforts could always aid us to prepare for ROPAL in election 2024, so we must all endeavor to take the registration exercise very serious.

We have disseminated and highlighted this enough, but if any branch or branches still needs any help in this regard, please do contact your branch leadership or the Chapter Secretary for clarification or the assistance you so need.

We have assigned our Chapter Vice-Chairmen to branches to also each assist in this exercise. Please do contact them for directions or assistance if you so need it as well.

I must stress and emphasize that the election of credible leadership at all levels of our party is a collective responsibility, we, therefore, owe it to ourselves and the party to ensure that, the processes, when outlined are followed to the latter.
Gone are the days, when folks go to sleep throughout the  4 years and just woke up suddenly, to put up themselves for elections without any significant contribution to support their branches or the chapter, those days are past and gone.

The NDC USA has come a long way and in spite of our pitfalls, l am proud to say that under my leadership and that of the entire Chapter Executives and each of you, we have collectively *restored, raised the lost image and glory of NDC USA and not only that but we have ensured that NDC USA is the premier NDC in the diaspora*.
The high and significant level that NDC USA is today that has created the excitement and craving for people to contest in all executive positions. It is not my effort but, a collective effort. NDC USA is relevant again and has taken its rightful position.
The NDC USA will continue to pave the way for the diaspora engagement and contribution to the success of our dear party in Ghana.
Without hesitation, I wish to inform you that, the leadership of our party has seen and always appreciates the leading role of the NDC USA in so much in redefining the essence of the diaspora chapters.
This and many more other achievements of the NDC USA is what we’ve done collectively as a chapter and I’m more than happy and sure we’ll continue to do more to maintain our premier position and also ensure that NDC wins power come 2024 to ameliorate the suffering of the Ghanaian citizenry.

As a chapter we and as a leader, we do have our shortfall and have heard of some of your concerns for which we will work towards it but at this moment be proud of what we have been able to do together.

Let me take this opportunity to say a big *Thank You* to each and everyone who in many or diverse ways has contributed to the total success of the NDC USA and will urge you to continue to do so, even if such contribution sometimes go without notice or public acknowledgment.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Happy New Year, once again, wishing you and yours a healthy, safe and prosperous 2022 and beyond.

God bless us all.

Eye Zu,
Eye Za.
Emefa Mia, Mia, Mia.

Maame Aba Dadzie.

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