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Uber driver shot dead after exchanging gunfire with security guard

Ghanaian US-based Uber driver shot dead after dangerously exchanging gunfire with a security guard

According to police reports, He was found by the Union City Officers in a fetal position beside his car as he bleeds from the head and mouth

The incident happened near Citizens Lanes blowing alley and Cru-Lounge along Goodson Connector Road on November 23, 2021

The Uber driver identified as Philip Appiah was fatally shot by a security guard after he dropped off a woman at the Union City business

The security guard quickly reported that he was the one who shot Appiah during exchanging gunfire with him

According to witness, the situation was self-defense as police revealed that, Appiah’s car was riddled with bullets

A witness revealed that, After Appiah drove her off, he was honking and security within the area approached him asked him why is he honking

After the two men exchanged words, the security guard pointed a gun at Appiah and Appiah drove off and she went inside

After a few minutes, she heard gunshots and another security guard from the area reported to the officers that he shot Appiah as a result of a gunfire exchange

Source: Docupdates.com

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