Caring Sisters Seek More Support For Tidal Wave Victims.

The recent tidal waves that hit the Anlo district, Keta, and Ketu South municipalities brought untold hardship and suffering to the affected areas. Video and still images from the region showed misery and grief in the aftermath of destruction left by the tidal waves. The spectacle of devastation touched many hearts. Therefore, it was no surprise that husband and wife, Reuben and Rosemary Hadzide, indigenes from the area now residing in Chicago, USA, decided to donate their widows mite in support of the victims. They donated bags of Rice and Cooking Oil through the Caring Sisters of Anlo Traditional Area, who are currently coordinating other relief items to the affected Municipalities and districts.

Matilda Dzomeku, a friend of the Hadzide family, donated the items on their behalf. Receiving the items in the absence of the President of Caring sisters, Ms. Sese Gadzekpo, a member of the board of directors noted that over three thousand families were displaced, schools destroyed or closed down, and worse citizens in the area have lost their sources of income. She used the occasion to thank all those who donated through the NGO and assured that the donations will go a long way to help those in need.

So far, Caring Sisters, whose members are all come from the areas affected, have joined with the Association of Bankers and Corporate Ghana and have donated relief items worth about one million Ghana cedis to the victims. The Caring Sisters NGO is highly recommended to individuals, groups, corporate entities, and NGOs. You can reach them by calling the President, Sese Gadzekpo, at 0244 342 070 or Nicole at 0246 569 575. Their Momo account link is 0559 284 986.

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Source: Charles Avadzi , Anloga.

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