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GIJ Students Express Their Opinions On Relationship Issues.

Every love story is distinctive and may be wonderful or ugly depending upon many factors. Indeed, good relationship seek to avoid issues that may not promote its sustenance. Many people involved in relationships would try as much as possible to avoid the pitfalls that may derail their journey of lifelong partnership. The stability of every relationship depends on two people, those directly involved in it. The thorny issues bedeviling relationships has been there from the day Eve disobeyed Adam and God; and it continues to wreck havocs till this day and age. It is in light of this that we at decided to delve into the issues that affect relationships from students at the premier Ghana Institute of Journalism stand point. Hopefully their thoughts and expressions may help heal, promote, and curb some of these challenges we find in our relationships.  

We have therefore collected some of the most heart-warming, sincere, and sometimes funny stories about relationships as recounted by the men and women on the Topic, “Who treats who fairly, guys or girls”

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