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Americans Yet To Vaccinate May Have The Last Laugh As Government Promotes $100 Incentive.

The Biden government has called on local and state governments to encourage Americans who are yet to vaccinate with an offer of $100 payments. The payments will be made to individuals after they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. The offer comes amidst the current rise in COVID-19 infections due to the delta variant of the virus. Records show that people who have not been vaccinated are being infected and admitted in high numbers to hospitals across the county. The Biden administration asking local and state governments to use funds from the administration’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

“The payments will provide an incentive to boost vaccination rates, protect communities, and save lives,” the Treasury Department said in a statement.

“Treasury stands ready to give technical assistance to state and local governments so that they may use the funds effectively to support increased vaccination in their communities, and Treasury will partner with the Department of Health and Human Services throughout this effort,” the statement continued.

Source: Department of Treasury.

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