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Sankofa:Ama Betty Celebrates 60 In Style!

A whirlwind of joy and celebrations swept the Ghanaian Chicago Community from the evening of March 30 at the popular 83rd and Ellis Community Center through March 31 at the Premises of the Church of the Ghanaian Community, 5500 S. Woodlawn. The spot light was beamed on one of the prominent and respected families of the Ghanaian Community here, The Agyeman family. The celebrations started with the 60th birthday celebrations of Betty Annoh Agyeman, popularly known as “Ama Betty” at the spacious Community Center! The hall was well decorated with long vases filled with blue and white colorful flowers and tables covered with crystal white cloth that created an elegant setting for the occasion. Over 400 well-wishers of the celebrant, dressed in the favored blue and white color of Ama Betty, “packed” the hall.
Officiating Ministers, Reverend Canon Koomson , Head Pastor of the Church of the Ghanaian Community, assisted by Reverend Dr. Kofi Noonoo, leader of the Council of Ghanaian Churches in Chicago, Reverend Canon Mensah and Dr. Gabriel Amoateng-Boahen prayed for the success of the occasion and invited the Lord’s blessings for the “60 year young” Betty Agyeman and her family.
Mr.Yaw Agyeman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Agyeman, led a band of Musicians in a spectacular live R & B, Jazz and Soul Music performance. The crowd was astonished with the splendid performance of Yaw and his group and was given thunderous ovations by the expectant crowd! Yaw Agyeman’s rendition of the popular Happy Birthday song was met with huge applaud by the crowd! There was also a lively Adowa performance by Afua and Akua Agyeman; and Monette Owusu!
D.J Reggie was as usual impressive with his selections for the occasion. His selections of Funk, Hip Life, Old School and the likes kept the crowd dancing all night. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Agyeman surprised their mother and marveled the crowd with a slide show of their mother’s adult hood pictures. The pictures were surreptitiously mailed from Ghana to the children for the event. Some of the pictures showed their mother in “Afro” hairstyle and facial features similar to her children! Yes, Ama Betty was “unveiled” from 12, 23 and 60 years!
The Ladies Club of Chicago, of which Mrs. Betty Agyeman is the interim President, presented a gift to their President, amidst shouts of their slogan “Odo Ye Wu”.
In a toast, Mr. Bennett Agyeman profoundly proclaimed “I LOVE THIS WOMAN” to the delight of the massive gathering
Members of the Ghanaian Community Church and friends of the Agyeman family witnessed a milestone in the marriage of the “two love birds”, Mr. and Mrs. Agyeman, as they celebrated 35 years of marriage with blessings and dedication in a Service on Sunday March 31 2008.
The Agyeman family

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