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Many believers are bewitched — Pastor Daniel Agbesi

Daniel Agbesi, the Lead Pastor of Peace Keepers Assembly in Accra says a lot of Christians are under a spell.

He said most Christians behave out of character.

The man of God noted that enviness and jealousy are now deep-rooted in the church.

According to him, believers who are discontent and ill will of others’ possessions and advantages are often bewitched.

“The most thing that happen to people without power is because they have been bewitched. To be bewitched means that you are under a spell to behave out of character. Many believers have been bewitched. They are Christians but they behave like witches that is why there is alot of enviness and jealousy in the church.


“Anytime someone breaks through and it hurts you, that hurt is the reason you will not go far. Anytime someone breakthrough and you are genuinely happy, it is a sign that you will also breakthrough.”

He continued, “When you hear someone’s breakthrough and you say ‘oh God when, when shall I.’ It is a sign that you will not even get to that person’s level. A sign that you will breakthrough is when you are able to celebrate with other people who have broken through. It’s an acid test. It’s a test that never fails.

“When you hear the breakthrough of your brother or sister and you feel hurt, go for deliverance because there is something in your life that will never let you rise. Many people are bewitched because of lack of power but when you have power no bewitchment can work upon you.”

Pastor Danie Agbesi said this in a sermon on Sunday, June 6 on the message titled “Understanding the Power of God.”


He indicated that lack of power has caused many Christians to derailed from what makes them spiritually resistant to all forms of bewitchment.

What is the Power of God

According to him, the power of God is the endorsement of God on an individual to carry divine energy.

He said when the power of God reaches one, he/she can solve many problems in life.

The challenge, Pastor Daniel Agbesi stressed is that the power of God may come, but the people to avail themselves to receive it may be few.

How to Receive Power

The Lead Pastor of Peace Keepers Assembly said one must be filled by the Holy Spirit to receive the power of God.

He indicated that the Holy Spirit helps exercise the power of restraint.

According to him, without it, one can easily be controlled by the power to destroy other people.

“Before power comes on your life, there must be the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life.

“It takes power to resist the devil. It takes the power of God to deal with some attacks from the devil. The first thing the enemy comes for is your faith.

“When you carry power, your company needs to change,” he intimated.


Pastor Daniel Agbesi added that proper fasting and prayer prepares one to receive the power of God.

“People who do not fast must be pitied because they do not have any power in them,” he emphasised.

He noted that Christians with good heart and intentions will not miss the touch of the true power of God.

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