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Third Week In May 2021: Another week of shooting and killings across Chicagoland.

The third weekend of May in Chicago saw an unrelenting shootings across the city and its suburbs. The trend this year seems to outpace last year’s shooting and homicide totals so far. This year, 227 people have been killed, that is more than 36 last year. The shootings mostly occur during the weekends. Forty-eight, 48, people were shot across Chicagoland over the weekend of May 14 through the 16, 2021. The victims include a 2-year-old girl, a 13-year-old boy and two Chicago police officers.

The city of Chicago witnessed a homicide total of  770 in 2020. A heartbreaking leap above the 496 in 2019. Meanwhile, the city of Chicago of authorities and the Police Department are doing all they can to minimize the homicide rate in Chicago.

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