Togbe Afede XIV in Pilots Uniform

Pilot training school and an aircraft maintenance facility in the Volta Region capital, Ho, soon….Afede

The Agbogbomefia of Asogli State who is also the Founder and Co-Chairman of Africa World Airline (AWA), Togbe Afede XIV, has revealed plans to establish a pilot training school and an aircraft maintenance facility in the Volta Region capital, Ho, alongside operationalization of the newly completed Ho Airport.

“Beyond commercial operations to this place, we are planning other projects that will enhance the airport’s viability and produce a lot of benefits – not only in Ho and the Volta Region, but the whole of the nation. Among others, we plan to establish a pilot training school in Ho. I am happy to say that it is receiving full support from the Ghana Airport Company, Ghana Civil Aviation Authority and also the government.

“Additionally, we plan to establish an Aircraft Maintenance Organisation here; which would mean that instead of aircraft going abroad for the various checks, they can come to Ho for basic maintenance services. It would also mean that we can attract aircraft from other countries to come here for maintenance services. This has tremendous ramifications: apart from providing jobs for the people of Ghana, we are talking about training opportunities; and we will be able to train more Ghanaians to become aircraft maintenance engineers,” Togbe Afede XI said.

He added that not only will the country be able to train more pilots, but people of the region will be greatly inspired

He however urged people of the region to patronise the services of AWA so as to ensure its constant operation to the region and even further attract other airlines to ply the route.

“The inspirational aspect is extremely important for me. We should know that none of these will materialise if we don’t patronise the services of the pioneering AWA and others who will follow. The only way other airlines will follow is when they realise that AWA is successful in Ho,” Togbe Afede XI said.

Source: Business &Financial Times

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