Nostalgic Feelings As Kwahus In Chicago Celebrate Easter.

Chicago Illinois: Easter in Ghana is principally associated with citizens of Kwahu. It is a period where most towns and villages in the Kwahu Traditional area hold colorful durbars with pomp and pageantry. Paragliding, concerts, and other jamming activities make Kwahu the hottest place to be during Easter. They also organize meetings to address major issues affecting communities and the entire Kwahu Traditional area. Fundraising activities are a major aspect of the Easter celebrations. Funds are raised to assist new and ongoing projects aimed at uplifting the traditional area. Kwahu Citizens in Chicago, organized under the dynamic Kwahu United Association, have kept faith with tradition back home by organizing annual fundraising and dinner dance in Chicago. The main beneficiaries of their fundraising activities are the wards they have adopted at Atibie Government Hospital. Some celebrants from the Kwahu area in Ghana in attendance claim that they dearly missed the “jamboree” back home. With video , graphic images of fervent preparations and other attractive activities back home, one would not begrudge their yearn to be part of the big event at Kwahuland. Supported by members of the Ghanaian community, this year’s celebration was spectacular and memorable. The lenses of were there to bring these images to our worldwide audience.

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