Leadership of One Volta Group inaugurated in the diaspora


NEW leadership for the One Volta Group (OVG), an advocacy and development-oriented organisa­tion, registered in Ghana and the United States of America (USA), has officially been inaugurated in the USA.

The inauguration of the new leaders is to boost development in the region through effective lobbying, advocacy and foreign investment drives.

Lawyer John Akpalu, who swore in the newly elected ex­ecutives of the group during an online inauguration via Zoom, tasked them to always go by the OVG Constitution and agenda, which has education, trade and in­vestment and development of the Volta Region as key priority areas.

The newly elected President of OVG, Kossi Amuzu Nutekpor, in his address after the inauguration, said the Group’s objectives are to become an advocacy and devel­opmental activists for the Volta Region.

According to him, there was the need to unite the region and advo­cate for Voltarians in the diaspora to come home and help pursue the development agenda.

He said the OVG would lobby through the elected representa­tives for the region to get its fair share of the national cake, adding that the region is one of the most beautiful and resourceful places in Ghana.

He said: “From our long stretch of white beaches, to the biggest man-made lake in the world, to the tallest mountain and waterfall in West Africa, to the minerals underground, to the rich arable lands and on and on…. I have had the pleasure of traveling through the length and breadth of our re­gion as an owner of an NGO and Project Director for Ceana.”

Mr Emmanuel K. Bedzrah, NDC MP for Ho West and Chair­man of the Volta MP Caucus in Parliament, tasked the leaders to make the Volta Region an educa­tion hub.


He said, he would facilitate and build a link between OVG and Members of Parliament so as to bring the needed development to the region.

Mr Bedzrah said there was the need to bring economic develop­ment to the people of the region through the identification of exact resources and bringing in inves­tors who would be willing to tap into resources to bring jobs and development.

“OVG must become a bridge between the Region and the dias­pora,” he stressed.

Chairman of OVG Ghana, Togbe Hotormaho Amedzake III, thanked OVG Diaspora, urging members to rekindle the Ghana Branch to be able to push the vision and mission of the group through.

He appealed to OVG leadership to build a more united, resourced and developed Volta Region

Source: Ghanaian Times

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