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Ghana Month: How Tema, Nima and Ashaiman got their names


It’s Ghana Month and once again, in a series of features, GhanaWeb seeks to put into perspective the history behind many of the country’s places, towns, cities, tourist sites among others. We begin with the etymology of names of some popular places in the country.

Today, we take a look at how Ashaiman, Tema and Nima got their names.


Ashaiman is a popular town in Accra. It is located at the north of Tema. Oral history has it that, the name emerged after one man, named Nii Ashai settled in the area after moving from Tema.

Nii Ashai founded the town in the 17th century and named it Ashaiman meaning Ashai’s town.

His two brothers, Nii Amu and Nii Oko, settled in adjoining towns now called Mantseman and Moniomanye, respectively. Ashaiman grew as other migrants from the Dangme West District, precisely the Ada area, came to settle in the town and were followed subsequently by other ethnic groups including the Ewes and Northerners.

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