NDC-USA Rejects EC Flawed Results.

Press Release 

December 14, 2020.

We Would Not Accept EC’s Flawed Results:

On behalf on the NDC USA, I wish to categorically state that, the results declared  by Jean Mensa’s Electoral Commission  is flawed and unacceptable.

The NDC USA is fully in support and stand by  H. E John Dramani Mahama, President-Elect,  Hon. Harruna Idrissu Majority Leader Elect, voted by the majority of the electorates of Ghana on the December 7th,  2020 .

 NDC USA, sends a congragulatory message to President Elect Mahama, and Hon. Haruna ldrissu Majority Leader , of Parliament ,  for a well deserved win after all the odds were against them to win.

As stated by H.E John Dramani Mahama, Hon. Johnson Aseidu Nketiah, Hon Haruna Iddrisu, and the entire leadership of the NDC, will not and shall not accept the flawed results padded by the NPP rigging machinery and dished out of Jean Mensa’s cooking pot .

We therefore strongly urge H.E John Mahama-the President-Elect , and the leadership of the party not to yield their position and must only accept anything less than the true results , which is the Will of the People of Ghana in the just ended election.

We also urge all the 140 NDC Parliamentarians-Elect to stand their grounds and not allow this incompetent Jean Mensa EC, to rob the good people of Ghana their overwhelming choices of who to represent them in the next parliament.

It is intriguing to note that this is the first time ever in the history of the fourth Republic of Ghana, that our Electoral  Commission had announced results, within 72 hours and  changed the it more than 3 times and continues to do so thereafter without any reasonable explanation . It has become obvious to discerning Ghanaians that her motive is to rig the elections for the benefit of her pay masters hence the rush to declare Nana Addo president-elect and the subsequent trying to figure out the right figures to declare . In her rush uncollated figures were reported as certified results ! Jean Mensa has disgraced the high and honorable office she occupy  by her reckless partisan support in national elections . One wonders if the EC is the same institution once headed by Afari Djan and Charlotte Osei , which churned out  flawless results . Jean Mensa cannot do simple arithmetic, her results  defy common sense because it aggregates more than 100 percent of the total votes! In her rush to satisfy her masters she has made a mockery of the hard won reputation her predecessors has earned for the EC and the country .

The will of the people MUST not be subverted and should not be allowed to stand . 

We, members of the NDC USA, hereby call on all diasporans to rise in support of the rights of the choice of the People of Ghana , that is , John Dramani Mahama as president and the majority NDC parliamentary members ! 

We know that the only results that should be accepted is what the majority voted for anything less is unacceptable. Indeed if the numbers on the official pink sheets are not used to declare the elections we must not accept the results . 

We therefore resolve that the EC should do the right thing be declaring H.E John Mahama ,President-Elect; and history making Prof Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang H.E Vice-President-Elect and Hon Haruna Iddrisu majority leader in the upcoming parliament.

We therefore congratulate them and the teaming supporters of NDC as well as discerning Ghanaians who reposed their trust in the NDC to form the next government. 

We again categorically state that the NDC USA will not accept any flawed election results .

The people of Ghana have spoken and the will of the people should be respected. 


Maame Aba Dadzie 

Chairman -NDC USA.

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