NDC USA’s Goodwill Massage To All Its Candidates In The 2020 General & Presidential Elections.


On behalf of the Chapter Executives and the entire membership of NDC USA, I wish to applaud H . E John Dramani Mahama,  Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang, the first-ever female Running Mate in the history of Ghana, the National Chairman, General Secretary, the campaign team and the National Executives of the National Democratic Congress for a well-executed campaign.

The people’s manifesto is a true reflection of a party which is well in tune with the aspirations, dreams and a better future for the people of Ghana.

The NDC has once again demonstrated that the Akatamanso party is the clear choice for all well-meaning Ghanaians who care about a better future, in terms of capital infrastructure development, human development, better access roads, health services for all, a better educational system for all, good jobs for all and not just to create wealth for family and friends.

The next NDC government will see to it that ingenuity, hard work will be rewarded and will not see to the collapse of indigenous Ghanaian businesses, because they are not part of the coterie or belong to the clique.

The next NDC government will ensure that all regions will get their fair share of the national cake, individuals will have the opportunity to better their lots. 

Ghana deserves a Government that will work for the citizenry of the country, not one like the NPP government whose leader has been caught on tape receiving a brown envelope and engages in corruption, nepotism, loot, and share in the magnitude never seen in the history of Ghana.

Fellow Ghanaians, tomorrow Monday, December 7, 2020, the nation and people of Ghana go to the polls to vote to choose its future leaders for the next four years, the question we have to ask before we make a decision is:

Do you want a leader who has been caught on tape receiving a bribe, Do we want the nation to be a laughing stock of the international community, Do we want to continue with this family and friends government whose leader has been described by the Special Prosecutor as the Mother Serpent of all corruption? The choice is so clear now than ever before.

The NDC USA wishes all eligible Ghanaians to come out and vote NDC for a better future and to move the country to the next level in its developmental stage. 

NPP should be voted out, they are only good in massive corruption lead by the ‘Mother Serpent of Corruption’ Bost fuel contamination, PDS, Agyapa among others

We further want to employ all citizens of Ghana to engage in nonviolent behavior before, during, and after the election.

Peace must be preserved at all cost.

In the same light, we call on the EC to ensure its constitutional mandate of conducting an election that is free, fair, and transparent.

We also call on the Police and all peace forces that are being deployed to protect the rights of the people of Ghana and not engage or enable violence to be perpetrated on our people.

Let Ghana be supreme and make the right choice and the right choice is a vote for the NDC for a better tomorrow

Eye Zu,

Eye Za


Source: Maame Aba Dadzie.

Chairman -NDC USA.

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