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Awake people, for God and Country

It started as a simple traffic jam, in and of itself not unusual in Accra, or Ghana or the world over for that matter.  Many different causes account for traffic congestions everywhere.  Eventually however, the news trickled in, and like most news reporting here, facts often get mixed up with rumour and innuendo.  Progressively though, the facts begun to congeal ...

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“Silent Corruption” vs. Professor Lungu’s thoughts?

By Cletus D Kuunifaa That no one is a repository of knowledge will guide us in this write-up. Concepts are dynamic and demand our interpretation of them to suit our discussions. The fact that a word like “Cyber” gains notoriety and enjoys explosive use with the rise of the internet in the early 1990s should not surprise us. As a ...

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Sankofa:Lest We Forget – 1983 – Thirty Years Ago By Kwasi Gyan Appenteng

Ghana People make you stand up Make you fight For your rights We no go sit down make them cheat we everyday The year 1983 perhaps was the harshest year in Ghana’s modern history. In some countries there would be retrospectives, symposia and other kinds of public reflections on this most devastating year in our collective memory. When I say ...

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“Over-spiritualization” is making many Ghanaians non-critical thinkers

It is gratifying to know that a spiritual leader of Reverend (Dr.) Emmanuel Asante’s caliber appears to have almost similar, genuine concerns as mine that more Ghanaians have become “overly spiritual” at the expense of critical thinking and pragmatism. Here is the reverend minister’s brilliant observation: “As soon as something terrible happens, instead of us [Ghanaians] investigating—finding out what might ...

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Prison Ankaful

Within Ghana’s Prison Walls; The Myth, The Truth And All

“The only meal we receive in a day is gari. We once in a long while receive soup which is as plain as water. We are forced to dig pits and ordered to cover them again. Nobody is concerned about our health so death is a normal happening in Nsawam Prison. We are allowed to smoke ‘weed’ and use other ...

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Calabash Full Of Holy GYEEDA Water.

Posted by Business in Ghana on May 26, 2013 Sydney Casely-Hayford, Sure as can be, we are back with the bad old days on all fronts. Rains came down this morning; lights went out, making the already four-week drought of water from Ghana Water a more miserable existence. My Chinese meter is still running double time despite a visit ...

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THE WRONG WE DID?… Group Nduom !

  OUR STORY In 1997, we set out to invest and develop “the People’s Bank”. After nine years of planning, preparation and interactions with the Bank of Ghana, First National Savings & Loans Company Limited was granted a license to open for business in May 2006. Our company, Coconut Grove Hotels was the major shareholder, later to be joined by ...

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Dr Moses Barima Djimatey writes: “MY FINAL POSITION ON THE NATIONAL CATHEDRAL – FOR POSTERITY’S SAKE!!!!! – By Dr Moses Barima Djimatey – As a believer in the Lord Jesus, this matter has only succeeded in making me highly suspicious of many that we call leaders of the Christian community in this country!!! I have insisted that, THE KINGDOM OF ...

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