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Let’s vote “NO” for the sake of Ghana-Arthur Kennedy

New Patriotic Party’s Dr Arthur Kobina Kennedy, on Tuesday called on Ghanaians not to cast their votes for ‘YES’ but vote for Ghana. This, he wrote in an article below. PROPOSED CHANGES TO LOCAL GOVERNANCE The controversies surrounding the proposed changes to our local government elections are unfortunate. Let me begin my comments by commending President Akufo-Addo’s government for initiating ...

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Why I Am An Angry Young Man

So here we are my fellow Ghanaians. Is this our kismet? After more than 25 years of the 4th republic – democratic rule, 4 peaceful transition of power and 5 democratically elected Presidents, I have to say that I am angry. Not angry at the clear lack of progress in the way Ghana is run; that’s more of a sadness. ...

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Ghana, The Country That Hates Its Citizens

I have not travelled the world but I know every country loves its citizens and gives them priority when it comes to the distribution of public goods and services. The only country I know that doesn’t follow this rule is Ghana. We have this unproductive façade of a cliché called Ghanaian hospitality, something we use to disadvantage citizens. I do ...

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Andy Kwawukume

The Road To Secession Agitation In The Volta Region!

This write up started as a brief response on WhatsApp to a friend who never heard of the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) before, unlike myself who can claim a level of intimate knowledge about them. I have therefore decided to add some meat to my response and share to a wider audience to bring some clarity to the unfolding ...

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Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko Celebrates Fin.Minister With A Memorable Pen-up! …with pictures.

Gabby writes: Today, Thursday, Nov 7, is the 60th birthday of Kenneth Nana Yaw Kuntunkunuku Ofori-Atta, Ghana’s Finance Minister. He has a lot to celebrate for his God has been good to him. He was almost aborted by his worried mother, who was not the wedded wife. Brought up in Kyebi, he worked hard to receive the best education available ...

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Hogbetsotso Festival The Epitome Of History Recounted !

The Anlo Kingdom has many local festivals that date back to the pre-arrival of the major religions, and which are still occasions for beautiful display of cultural traditions through dancing and some other performances. Chief among these festivals is the Hogbetsotso which is one of the alluring festivals of the Anlos that sees a huge influx of tourists every year ...

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Elizabeth Ohene writes: The missing outrage!

In 1952, I was seven years old, I was in Class Three and I was living in Abutia with my grandmother. There was a celebration marking the opening of a bridge near or in a village called Podoe, which meant the road was now opened from Abutia to Juapong. I am told there was a political figure that came to ...

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The Controversy Over BBC Sex For Grade Exposé

Kofi B. Kukubor It is important to adequately comprehend what sexual harassment, sex for favour, sex for grades, grades for sex etc. are. The ignorant male chauvinism that has characterized this sex for grade debate is rather scary and can only bode for a gloomy academic and work environment for young women. It is worrying to note that, the women ...

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