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Bye-Election Violence: A Dent On Ghana’s Image

We further posit that their silence over the matter is inexcusable. The number one constitutional commitment of the Oath of Office of the President is to safeguard the security of each and every individual Ghanaian, as such whether or not it is established that the government was complicit in these actions; we firmly declare that they have woefully failed the people of Ghana in not ensuring safety.

We also want to point out that until they bring the culprits of these dastardly actions to book and issue the severest deterrent punishment for the bloodshed and the maiming of Ghanaians, we shall continue to hold them personally accountable and urge Ghanaians to demand accountability of this government which came into power on the wings of false claims among which was one of eradicating corruption and establishing law and order in the country.

We also demand the immediate dismissal of the IGP, the Head of National Security and the local Police Commander who from all account and purposes, woefully failed the Ghanaian people in the performance of their duty. The local Police Commander has stated on record that the “SWAT” team members were not under his command. We, therefore, demand an immediate public investigation into how it came to be that the members of this terrorist group were using a police-marked-vehicle, how they came to be issued firearms and who gave the command for them to shoot innocent civilians.

We further implore as a matter of urgency that Ghanaians take note of how the NPP under Nana Akuffo-Addo and Dr. Bawumia address this issue and make up their minds, as to whether these are people to commit Ghana’s safety too.

We decry the undervaluing of Ghanaian life by this government and once again firmly request that all found to be involved in these treasonous un-Ghanaian acts be brought to book forthwith.


Reports that the individuals involved are members of an NPP vigilante group infiltrated into the Bureau of National Security by the current head of the Bureau, needs to be thoroughly investigated and to get to the bottom of that, Ghanaians must be made aware of how these individuals came to be members of the BNI “SWAT” Unit. Full sanctions must be applied against anyone found in contravention of any of the provisions for hiring into the Public and Civil Service.

We cannot but note the clear and present danger this incident and many others before it demonstrates the fragility of our democracy.

As such, we of the NDC Professionals’ Forum -North America urge all Ghanaians to remember those who have sacrificed their lives to get us where we are today and recommit to the fight for probity and accountability in our body politic.

We beseech that under no circumstance should any Ghanaian vote this callous, self-ingratiating NPP government back into power come 2020.

Your vote is your power and we urge you to exercise it wisely.


Arnold Appiah

(President, NDC Pro-Forum – North America)

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