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Ebony Reigns

Ghanaians Remember Late Music Star Ebony Reigns !

A week shy of her 21st birthday, Ghana’s brightest female music star left Ghanaians devastated on the February 8 2018 . Her talent is still unmatched.

After 18 years of the Ghana music awards, Ebony Reigns became the first female artist of the year in 2018. Unfortunately,the jeep which she and her friends, Franky Kuri, Atsuh Vondee and her driver were traveling in collided with a VIP bus on their way from Suyani to Accra!The music legend and Queen ,Reigns; Kuri and Vondee died on the spot. Ebony Reigns was therefore unable to collect her award in person.
We reproduce a full length of her music videos below !

Private bodyguard to late music star Ebony Reigns who died in a car crash

The late Songstress Ebony

Ebony was involved in a car accident and died at the Bechem Government Hospital!

The late Ebony’s father holding a piece of the Funeral cloth .

Bukom Banku in his ‘bizzare’ looking outfit during Ebony’s funeral at the State House

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