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Cobaana Will Not Break Up Despite Brong/Ahafo Division. COMMUNIQUE

The Executives and the general council of Brong Ahafo Associations of North America (COBAANA) after a general meeting have decided that despite the result of the referendum in splitting the former region into three regions namely, Bono West, Bono East and Ahafo, the Association will not be split into three along the lines of the proposed regions. The Association still regards all the members as one people who belong to Cobaana and united with a common goal as enshrined in the constitution.

As such, any developments which were earmarked for the former region is going to be shared equally amongst the three regions. Also, the Association is of the view that with the number of years that the people from the former Brong Ahafo region living in the continental North America and having contributed in the development of the region together, to break up their unity for each splinter group to start all over again will not help. The Association over the years has completed a four unit classroom for the people of Ayakomaso near Nsuatre. Also, it has supported medical institutions in the region. This year it intends to adopt a hospital ward in each of the newly created regions.

Cobaana is going to give equal attention to each region and pledges to work with the respective Regional Co-ordinating councils as partners of development. The leadership conceded that there may be some within the organization who will be agitating for a break away but advised such people to refrain from that and consider the long term benefits to be derived from being united.

There is a proverb that says “One broom stick is easier to be broken as opposed to the bunch”. Boundaries now separate the regions but the members of Cobaana will continue to live in peace and harmony as it has been always. After all it’s ” YE MAN NTI, ENYE YEN NTI”.

Seth Bonsu (COBAANA, PRO)

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