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Students of Opoku Ware (OWASS) engaged in open defecation (Photos) Read more:
Posted by admin on 7th February 2019

Some students of Opoku Ware Senior High School (OWASS) have taken to open defecation due to a lack of toilet facilities in the school. OWASS, which is one of the premier second cycle schools in the country, has lacked toilet facilities for some time now. Despite several appeals and complains from the school’s authorities, the situation remains unresolved. Students of OWASS engaged in open defecation. Source: Source: UGC READ ALSO: KNUST lecturer drops hint about fake PHD holders teaching in universities This has forced some students to engage in the unhealthy practice of open defecation in the nearby bushes. According to a report by, the students usually settle for remote areas referred to as ‘wheeeetim’ for the act. The report suggests once an area of convenience is ‘full’, they search for another area to visit when nature calls. The temporal structure used as toilet facility by students has also been in a dilapidated state for over six years now. The structure reportedly risks caving in, which is why many of the students fear going near it to defecate. The now dangerous toilet facility abandoned by students.


The students say several appeals to get the toilet facility fixed have fallen on deaf ears, leaving them with no choice than to ease themselves in the bush. The unhealthy practice has, however, led to the generation of a bad smell around the school. “They have also locked the WC toilet facilities and we are yet to know the reason why authorities have taken such a decision,” one of the students who spoke on condition of anonymity said. Area where students defecate at OWASS. Source: Source: UGC In a related story, some alumni of OWASS have pledged to construct an 18-seater toilet facility to replace the dilapidated structure. Opoku Ware School, often referred to as OWASS, is an all-boys high school in Santasi, a suburb of Kumasi.

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