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Mensah Thompson of ASEPA writes on the bye-elections !
Posted by admin on 1st February 2019

*Mensah Thompson of ASEPA writes…*

It’s been 24 hours since some rascal thugs terrorised the people of Ayawaso West Wuogon, physically assaulted many of them and shot some of them.The number casualties for the mayhem was reported to be around 18 after close of day yesterday and till now, no official statement from government,the Minister for National Security and Interior cannot be found and the President himself who is the Commander in Chief of the Security Forces is at large and perhaps warming up to clear the E.C and Security forces for a “successful” by-elections.

When Police were looking for Bullet Proof Vests to do their job and couldn’t find enough for officers on duty, the Government was able to procure enough bullet proof vests for those Hooligans whilest the Police-man patrolled unprotected and some Journalists in this country think we shouldn’t ask questions?

Ironically, they were quick to take a microphone to Buabeng Asamoah to tell Ghanaians that, it was the NDC that mobilised thugs, gave them weapons, gave them bulletproof vests and cars to cause mayhem in Ayawaso when infact they the NPP are in charge of security in this country and we are supposed to accept this because we are daft and what is in our skulls are cans of dusts not brains.

Then when you talk, some journalists will sit on TV and say “He is an NDC man, so don’t mind him”
Excuse me, is the NDC a criminal Organisation?
Is it now illegal to be a member of a Political Party in Ghana?
Are NDC members NOT Ghanaians???
When the government collects taxes, does it separate the taxes into NDC and NPP and return the NDC tax payers monies back to them???

Atleast we know that the NDC has over 4 million supporters, then Isn’t that the more reason why they should take whatever we say seriously?(Perhaps it may represent the views of over 4 million tax paying Ghanaians)

Doesn’t the Speaker of Parliament Vote,what about the IGP, what about the Chief Justice or Supreme Court Judges??

But seriously, on what moral grounds do some of these journalists cry of bias, when these same journalists sees absolutely nothing wrong with the President appointing a card bearing member his party as the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission?

These same journalists sees absolutely NOTHING wrong when the Chairperson of an Electoral Commission openly dabbles in a Political Party’s activities but suddenly find their voices when civil societies and Public interests activists are critical of the government.
This shrewd media hypocrisy is certainly nauseating to say least!

But we shall NOT relent, because the irony of their ignorance is that No CSO in any part of the World is practically Neutral,Think thanks across the World have Political Affiliations and Allignments.
You certainly cannot be NEUTRAL in a society of extreme abuse of Political Power, Systemic Opressions and Social Injustices.
We will continue to Speak Up, Our only JOY is that they don’t MARK the Script, the people of Ghana does and come 2020,the people of Ghana will surely give a verdict!!


*Mensah Thompson*
*Executive Director, ASEPA*