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Commit to Cook: Growing our Economy

Earlier this year, President Preckwinkle, joined by Jesse White, Dave Sloan, General Manager, Chicago Auto Show and others, cut the ribbon opening the doors for the 105th Auto Show, making it the oldest and largest exhibit in the country. Afterwards, President Preckwinkle made a few brief remarks, noting the major link between transportation and economic development. Although a wide variety of vehicles are shown this year, a major feature will be hybrid vehicles. According to the U.S. Department of Energy you could save about $1,700 in fuel costs each year by choosing a fuel efficient vehicle. Hybrids come in all varieties and are sold at dealerships all over Cook County. With the Jan. 1 rollback of the Cook County sales tax to .75%, taxpayers can save money when purchasing fuel for hybrid vehicles, while also making a positive environmental impact. She encouraged visitors to get a chance to check out the vast array of high performance, sport-utility, and hybrid vehicles featured this year, and learn about the trends and innovations in the auto industry.

Additionally, President Preckwinkle noted that “Commit to Cook” will require collaboration from local governments across Cook County and she reinforced her commitment to engage municipal leaders as they work together to bring businesses as well as jobs to their communities and help existing businesses expand. She pointed to the roll back of the Stroger sales tax that has made it easier for consumers to buy goods and services in Cook County, as part of her ongoing efforts to make Cook County more competitive in the region.

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