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Berko Akoto ( The Journalist )

New Year Message By The Journalist-Berko Akoto

The New Year Message:

In this New Year, The Journalist wish that all who are contributing to Africa’s downfall see the Light of Hope and begin to do what is right!

To those in power hiding behind bogus Constitutions and are role models in our own skin yards, shame on you!
To those in power and are ruling without morals, may God bless you to straighten your mind and clear your tunnel-visioned, inconsiderate and disrespectful minds.
To those in power who deliberately unleash misery to people, followers or not, as to how you treat concerned and common citizenry, peel your eyes and have compassion.
There is so much misery out there!
Your actions reflect on the future generations so act wisely.

Don’t promise one thing and do the other!
Don’t let unnecessary craving for riches, ego and crookedness shroud your mind! Africans are sick of some of our leaders manipulating the weak and corrupt systems to further their before politics poverty and after politics and ridiculous opulence. Just like you come to the Earth naked, no one leaves the Earth with anything, so even if you steal from the people, use the money to help the poor! Think about the people who put you there!

source: Berko Akoto 

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