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Selorm Branttie writes on the current prophesies!

Selorm Branttie writes:

It is with a lot of amusement that I have observed people going gaga over prophesies, testimonies and other such phenomena.

This is a reflection of the society we have cultivated and successfully created. All of us should look into the mirror clearly and see the kind of circus comedy material we have evolved into.

We have fallen in love with accolades, proclamations and empty words. While we have specialized in imbibing the rhetoric, admiring quick fixes and social hacks, those who are being strategic with their attitude and asking all the important questions are taking the lead.

Look at our educational system, we have been arguing over who provides better food, when the biggest problem in our system is the quality of the content we are feeding our young hungry brains, and how we should retool that content for the next 4 decades. We forget that today’s youth, more than ever are going to be the most productive youth we have ever had, and will be productive for at least the next 40 or 50 years due to better health and longevity.

The crucial questions about how we can nurture them has been dumped in the trashcan of strategic thought and rather an oscillation of warped short-term, self-gratifying shams have replaced them. The results are what we have when we watch funny videos on whatsapp about people being ignorant. Folks, dont laugh. These are the same people that will be cooking your food, selling you fuel, taking care of your kids and driving them to school. Go figure

Check out our financial system, the least said the better. Flashy men in fancy suits and ill-fitting trousers are your most credible money men, promising to double cash in a system where access to capital is so scarce that only less than 1% of bankers actually get any kind of loan. Yet, these are the glorified heroes because they hob nob with the “big” socialites.

Our lovely pastors with their proclamations can make people go irate and beserk with rage. Yes, you people have allowed such conmen to feel important and influential. Because you wont work hard and you want hacks, you think that giving them money and using “faith” will give you an advantage over others. Is God so stupid that your useless money can bribe him into giving you favours over others who have worked hard and prepared all their lives for the same moments? Even God will disagree. If you get the good fortune, you will squander it.

No special cream, anointing oil, prayers, spiritual guns or cutlasses can save you. What if as you were using these “spiritual” weapons like cutlasses and hoes (see how poor you are) others are using tomahawk missiles and nuclear bombs? Arent you already on the losing end?

You sit down and try and cheat your way through everything, stealing and scheming to steal government money, praising everyone who is part of your tribe or party because they can never be wrong, and you never bother to think about the shared destiny, or the fact that the same things that you do could be used against you. You dont want to build solid institutions, and yet you think for some reason everyone should come invest in you? Are you serious?

Why would others pay attention to you when all you do is destroy everything you have? Take a look at all our old edifices. They are exactly that. Old and decrepit. Worthy for only storing giant cobwebs and playgrounds for lizards. We always want shiny new buildings and yet never fix the old ones and maintain them with any decency.

We are a fast-food, fried rice on the go kind of nation drinking expensive champagne from styrofoam cups thinking we are classier than the princes from Monaco. We dont want to work but we are poised to consume always thinking we are doing it at someones expense.

So let the prosperity Gospel ambassadors reign, They are the only people we deem influential to our destinies, so we are giving them the chance to run us crazy.

We deserve the kind of minds that trigger us. This is what happens when we fail to build institutions larger than us, and more transient than our shabby selves. We will be tossed by the wind of hooligans with sweet voices. When you fail to think, the pied piper will play the tune for you to dance to your doom.

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