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Fix Porous Spots on Abandoned Eastern Corridor Road-Motorists Cry out

Motorists plying the Hohoe-Jasikan stretch of the now ‘infamous’ Eastern Corridor Road have cried out to the Ghana Highways Authority and the sector ministry to carry out emergency repair works on sections of the stalled road project to make it a bit motorable, while they await its full construction.

According to the worried motorists, extremely porous spots of the road between Sankrokofi and Akpafu needed to be fixed urgently with crushed rocks in order to make it passable for vehicles.

Recent downpours have worsen the state of the abandoned road as portions of it just before Akpafu-Odomi have become muddy, which virtually swallow up vehicles travelling to and fro the northern part of the Volta region.The situation has rendered movement on the all-important trunk road a nightmare for many motorists and commuters, some of whom are left stranded as their vehicles, including trucks carting food stuff got stuck in the mud for hours and in some cases days.

Some farmers who spoke to at Akpafu-Odomi said situation has adversely affected their livelihood as they could not transport their produce to the market centre at Hohoe.

Drivers on the road also narrated that, they were with no other option than to drop off passengers at the deteriorated spot for them to find their way through the heavy mud to their communities.According one of them “we don’t ply the road after 2pm, because when your car got stuck on the way, you won’t get any help to move it. So those traders from Odomi and beyond who come to the market at Hohoe are compelled to leave by 2 O’clock.”

They were therefore hopeful an urgent remedial works on those porous portions of the road would alleviate the transportation plights of residents in the interim, while government source funding to continue construction works on the entire road, which has stalled for over a year now.


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