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Nana Tieku Acheampong : Won the landmark case

Breaking News : Nana Tieku wins landmark case !

New York November 29 2018 : Reports from New York  indicates that the landmark case between the chief , Asantefuohene of New York, Nana Tieku Acheampong ,defendant   and the plaintiffs , Nana Osei Tutu, Susanna Osei, Kofi Nyantakyi, Helen Peprah Mensah, and Fredua Agyeman was summarily dismissed allowing Nana Tieku Acheampong to continue to act as chief unabated.

It must be noted that this is the first case where a ceremonial chief in the diaspora was sued, and the plaintiffs  asking among others for the chief  to relinquish his responsibilities. A non paying position, the chiefs and Queenmother’s normally buy their own expensive costumes and other relics to portray their culture! 

When docket with case number 101566/18 was called both attorneys representing the two warring factions approached the bench . In his ruling , Judge Franc Perry denied the plaintiffs request. The ruling stated in part “This is an Article 78 hearing.This matter before the Court is not ripe for judicial intervention, as the
plaintiff has failed to exhaust all of its rights under its own dispute resolution as outlined by the by-laws and constitution.The Court denies this motion.This matter is dismissed.”

The plaintiffs,  Nana Osei Tutu, Susanna Osei, Kofi Nyantakyi, Helen Peprah Mensah, and Fredua Agyeman pleaded with the Supreme Court of New York among others to place injunction on Nana Tieku’s access to the accounts of the association.They also alleged that the chief  has overstayed his term in office  and has been hiding behind some faceless council of elders to perpetrate himself on the organization.

Judge Perry advised the plaintiffs  to call for a convention of  members of the New York Asanteman Association with regards to the grievances raised and have a vote amongst themselves to decide on the issues raised ! 

 Please click on the link below to read the full ruling by the court : 




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