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Ghanaians In Chicago Celebrate 2018 Thanksgiving In Their Homes

Below, 2017 thanksgiving video around Chicagoland!

Chicago IL November 22 2018:Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on one’s life and that of his family and friends; and also give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings one has received over the year. Yes, indeed it was the time most people count their blessings one by one and give thanks . The day also presents a perfect opportunity for family and friends to mingle and celebrate together. Immigrant Ghanaians in the Chicagoland have over the years celebrated the day by inviting friends and family to their homes. Notable this year as they gather to celebrate, team www.sankofaonline  found out that  both the youth and adults were busy with their fingers and their eyes glued to their phones and other gadgets instead of playing games, talking, telling stories or reminiscing the past with each other.  Though technology has brought the world closer by instantly viewing and sharing events across the globe on various platforms, personal contact as existed before cellphones and other gadgets  is becoming timeworn! One thing missing in this year’s celebrations here was the absence of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Agyeman’s thanksgiving party! The Agyeman family over the years invite members of the community to their home to celebrate. They are far away in Ghana this time around! The lenses of bring to our worldwide audience some pictures taken over the Chicagoland during this year’s thanksgiving celebrations.

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