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An open letter to the Volta Regional Commands,Ghana Arm Force and the Ghana Police Service.
Posted by admin on 22nd November 2018


Dear reader as you come across this let it reach the above offices.
As a citizen of the region that is about to be splitted and hearing from the opponents and the proponents as well as all well meaning individuals and stake holders, it is evidently clear that majority are not in favour of this Oti idea since the glaring excuse is lack of development within that part of the region.
Now where the concerns lie is why is government empowering you to prepare to fight and possibly killed innocent descending individual who are simply exercising their democratic and constitutional rights.?
Sirs, are you aware day in day out proponents within the Oti enclaves keep brutalising others who hold different views?
Why are they not protected? Are they not citizens just like those calling for the division?
Now you are going to dance on the music tuned by the president to beat and kill people for exercising their rights, . you were on the streets of Ho marching and later citi news publish a message of you talking about how prepared you are to fight people who hold different view of the government’s unpopular discission.
Well after the Oti what will be left is continuous fight and hatred, for we those who SAY NO to Oti we are not intimidated about your guns and other gymnastics, you have physical weapons but we have the gods on our side because we are protecting and holding the truths and they will support us! In case you don’t know about Datsutagba you can ask the British what they met during that time when they waged wars against our forefathers. We still have those powers!!

To our brothers in the uniform, well i know you are going to be the instruments for the perpetrating of this crime against your own brothers and sisters, you must not listen to the bad commands from any bad leader else you shall also face the wrath of the gods and bring curse on your household.
This is where i end today’s own…. If i have the chance again i may cautioned you again! A house cannot stand against itself. Listen and let god take over your conscience in this assignment tell the president to rather do the right thing.


source:say not to the division of Volta Region