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Oti Region not for Nana Addo’s benefit – Hadzide

Deputy Minister of Information, Pius Hadzide, has fired critics of the proposed Oti Region out of the existing Volta Region, saying he is disappointed in his fellow ‘Voltarians’ especially the Anlos.

The Deputy Minister, who was addressing a town hall meeting organized by the Ho Municipal Assembly, said he is disappointed in how some persons from the Volta Region are only seeing and pointing out the bad sides of the processes undertaken so far by the Commission of Enquiry.

He said unlike other regions, inhabitants of the Volta Region are the only people agitating against the creation of a new region out of the existing Volta Region.

Mr. Hadzide said “President Nana Akufo-Addo and for that matter the NPP government, is not creating the region for his personal interest, but that of the affected areas and to ensure sustainable development”.

He said the opposition NDC had also promised to create the regions, but seems to have failed the people, and that the NPP government is only listening to citizens who called for the creation of the new regions.

He said the move is not politically motivated.

He noted that it is good to create the new region considering the geographical location of the Oti enclave. In his opinion, the creation of new regions will enhance decentralization which will reduce the burden on public facilities in the region.


The deputy minister, who is a native of the southern part of the Volta Region, advised his people to rather welcome the initiative.

He emphasized that the government is rightfully using the constitutional provisions to create the proposed regions across the country.


The Electoral Commission had recently ended a week voter exhibition exercise in the areas to be affected by the new regions, and is awaiting the referendum to be held in these areas in December 2018.

Meanwhile, the Akpafu Adome Traditional Area, one of the communities earmarked to be part of the proposed Oti Region, have forwarded a petition asking to be withdrawn from the new Oti Region.

By: Benjamin Aklama | | Ghana

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