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Reliable information available indicates that, the Jomoro NDC is bound to experience the toughest parliamentary primary for the 2020 election year.
This is due to the current dynamics in the political terrain revealed by our source and if this information as is available, does not changed, will have dire consequences for the Jomoro NDC.

According to the source, while every effort is being made to market a certain woman who was based abroad, the party leaders are secretely canvassing for this woman, former aspirants in the 2016 elections have also vowed not to give up or give in.
A controversial aspirant who is believed to be one of the factors in the defeat of the NDC in the 2016 election is known to have vowed not to allow the woman’s ambition to see the light of the day. He once said “y3do m) yeben la, yem) )l3ba yeali, y3nr3y3” to wit “after we have prepared the food, and is ready she is now coming from nowhere to eat it, we will not allow that”.
Other aspirants who lost in the election have expressed displeasure about how the leadership is throwing it’s weght behind the woman at their expense and have been going about saying “we will resist that at all costs”.

One of such aspirants, now a constituency executive has been going round criticizing their leaders for suppoting the woman secretely and keeps saying “this will not happen”, “there are good times ahead”.
When we contacted some of these aspirants, “our leaders are not trustworthy, I have been misled to waste my resources, made to believe they will support me because they will make sure the 2016 Candidate doesn’t contest again but now they have dumped me for a woman because of her back” was the response given by one of them.
Another one queried “how can they give money to people to vote for a particular candidate and expect the other defeated candidates to regard them and accord them the dignity they deserve?”

Meanwhile more and more people continue to express interest including a soon-to-retire military general.
Our source also has it that another new face will soon show up from the U.S.
What makes it serious is that reliable information indicates that, the defeated 2016 candidate who has been tight lipped and is known to be a die-hard person has not given up. According to the source he is bracing his shoes to storm Jomoro very soon in a Rambo-style and will not go back to the U.S untill the 2020 elections are over.
The source which strongly pleaded anonymity said the defeated candidate has now got the backing of two “financially well- positioned people who have commited to supporting him and ensuring that he wins the seat this time around”.

All attempts to get the 2016 candidate himself to disclose to us his intention to contest or not contest in the upcoming parliamentary election proved futile as all he kept saying is ” I will declare my intention at the right time” and “the ball has not been passed”, “anybody can come into the race” we have been helping since 2009 so if anybody comes to help today, it is not wrong or bad, we all need to help the party and the constituency” .
He won’t say whether he will contest or not but appears not to be worried about the support the woman is getting.

That appears to make the race highly unpredictable with the likelihood of affecting the party, even worse than it did in 2016.
Monitoring continues and updates will be brought

Joseph Vorvonator.
Political Watchdog.

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