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Ghanaian Community In Chicago Supports Meghan Liddy’s Family.

Donate to her family at Gofundme


Chicago IL, November 6 2018 :Ghanaians in Chicago woke up today with shock as all the major Television news media in the Chicago area were simultaneously broadcasting the death of 25-year-old nongovernmental organization worker, missionary and foster mother in Ghana, Meghan Liddy.
Reports are that Meghan died of complications of malaria a day after she was admitted into a hospital in Ghana. Four American doctors were part of the medical team that took care of her.

Immediately upon hearing the news, the leadership of the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, GNC, had an emergency meeting and donated one thousand ($1000) dollars to a Gofundme account set up initially to help transfer the patient to the USA for further treatment before her demise.
In a message to the family of the decease at the Gofundme page, the President of the GNC, Paa Kwasi Sam, stated that “On behalf of the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, we express our deepest condolences to you and your family for the loss of your daughter. Please accept our prayers, empathy and small donation.”
The President is encouraging members of the Ghanaian and African communities to donate generously in support of the family of the decease.
It was learnt that the late Meghan became foster mom to two young sisters, Priscilla and Rhoda, whose Ghanaian mother had died. Meghan was trying to finalize the girls’ adoption when she suddenly passed away.

A Wheaton Warrenville South grad, Meghan Liddy first experienced Africa on a 2012 mission trip and then immediately decided she needed to go back.“She had a plan to save, a plan to work, she worked three jobs.”On one of those jobs she met Therriault, who would become a dear friend and visit her in Ghana.

“(She) really didn’t spend a penny on herself. She would feel guilty about buying a coffee… (because) she knew her mission, she knew her goals,” a friend of Meghan recalled of the time she spent saving up for the return to Africa.

Liddy’s mother said that her passion was focused on supporting and ministering especially to children and women in need. If the smiles on Priscilla’s and Rhoda’s faces are any indication, she was succeeding in her work.

Maryann Liddy explains that until her daughter’s medical bills are paid off, her body will not be released from the hospital in Ghana. Liddy would like to bring her daughter back to the U.S. to be buried in Nebraska.

Donate to her family at Go Fund Me


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